Retirement Income Protection & Conversation Starters Webinar

Hosted by Keith Schettino, DMI Vice President of Life Sales and AIG Chad Bachorowski, CFP®

July 20th or July 22nd 12pm EST Virtual

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*The Retirement Income Protection Webinar will not be recorded or available to attendees after the webinar. Registration for both sessions is recommended but not required.

It can be difficult to start the Life Insurance conversation with prospective clients. This Retirement Income Protection Webinar will show agents how to use the AIG ready-made retirement income protection Campaign In A Box and conversation starters. Explore how to engage prospective clients and present solutions with this complete campaign. Social posts, emails and your very own marketing calendar make it extra simple to deploy.​ In this two-day webinar series, you'll:

  1. Explore a consumer-approved marketing program that targets life insurance prospects 
  2. Learn how to deploy sales conversation tools that help you sharpen your engagement once you are speaking with a future client. 
  3. Execute a powerful marketing campaign. 

Bonus: Once you are ready to deepen the conversation you will be ready with our explanation of how to use 7 great Conversation Starters.​

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